AMA Recap GreatDrop with GALA GAMES

Hello, GreatDrop community

Today we have finished hosted our 4th AMA with GALA GAMES on November 4th, at 12:00 PM UTC (19:00 WIB). With our guest from GALA GAMES team:

  • Jason Brink, Chief Marketing Officer

Many of you might have participated or many of not, So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the AMA session.

Introduction Questions Asked By GreatDrop Team

Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about Gala Games to our community?

My name is Jason Brink, and I am the CMO of Gala Games. This is my FIRST AMA, so I hope I am able to answer all of your questions. I went through Twitter and wrote answers to most of the questions people had, so I am ready!

A quick introduction to the project: Gala Games was founded by Eric Schiermeyer, the co-founder of Zynga. Over the last years, gamers around the world have gotten tired of getting pushed around by game companies and advertisers. He founded Gala Games to give the power back to the people so that they can have an active voice in development.

Our lead game developer, Michael McCarthy, is the designer behind games like Farmville 2, which had over 34m users at its peak. He is the one who does all the tuning on Town Star. On a personal note, he was also one of the main designers behind Arcanum, which was one of my all-time favorite RPGs…and so I am REALLY looking forward to our next game, Mirandus.

We have 14 full-time people in our team, and we are in this for the long haul. Gala Games is working to decentralize billions of dollars in game-related advertising by giving people ownership of the games themselves, as well as drawing on the people to crowdsource ideas and concepts for game development.

Our mission is “to enable freedom for anyone on this planet through play.” Play is an essential part of being human, and it is one of the things that makes us who we are. We weren’t designed to sit in cubicles, but were designed to play. The world requires some cubicle-sitting, but we want to make it possible for you to play and earn rewards at the same time.

You can find out a lot about us by going to our website and by setting up an account by going to I look forward to answering your questions and participating fully in this AMA!

Q2: How do your project progress so far and what kind of achievement you want to achieve in the next year?

So far, we have done some pretty amazing things. There is no other project out there that operates the way we do or has the kind of experience in the gaming industry. Most blockchain gaming projects are missing a super important part of the gaming experience…games. We have released TownStar, which you can play right now if you would like by going to Our NFTs are playable in the game right now, and over the next couple weeks, we will be releasing crypto crafting as well. So much happening soon!

Over the next year, we have some major milestones, including updates on our next game, Mirandus, and a bunch of other news. We have some amazing stuff coming, so keep watching our social channels to see updates!

Q3: How do we can play and earn with Gala Games?

Right now, users can play Town Star and refer friends to earn points in the daily distribution, which can get you GALA. This model is being reworked right now, but for the time being it is still in place. We would like to bring more ways to people in the near future, but referring to other users and playing TownStar competitively is currently the best way.

Q4: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to Gala Games? What are the plans to increase awareness about Gala Games around in non-crypto space?

We have some pretty big plans here…It is very important that we open up the whole market to Gala Games, whether people are crypto users or not. We want to decentralize the billions of dollars spent annually on game advertising by getting game developers to give it to YOU to share their games. We plan on developing our market globally because there is huge potential to onboard millions of gamers around the world who are interested in mobile or desktop gaming, who could all benefit from inclusion in the Gala Games Ecosystem.

It really boils down to making crypto-friendly. It is SCARY to most people. We found that when we included “blockchain” on our landing page, conversion from advertising dropped 80%. This means that we need to focus on making it more friendly and basically not mentioning blockchain unless someone actually cares enough to use that part of our ecosystem.

Very soon, we are going to begin doing some more conventional marketing around TownStar and eventually Mirandus. We are also looking at adding several new games to the ecosystem, including one that has millions of non-crypto users. This would be a very interesting move for the ecosystem.

Q5: What’s makes your project unique compared with other blockchain gaming projects?

Great question! Firstly, it is important to recognize that Gala Games isn’t a “blockchain game company” it is a mass-driven “game company that uses blockchain.” This is a hugely important distinction because it fundamentally changes how we look at things. Blockchain projects tend to measure users in the thousands. There are VERY few blockchain projects with more than a few thousand active users.

However, there are 2.4 BILLION gamers around the world and it is THESE people we are working to attract. We aren’t sitting around talking about how cool blockchain is. We are building games first and innovating while finding ways to use blockchain as a tool to serve these gamers. As such, we want to see users in the hundreds of millions, not the thousands. In order to do that, we have to build amazing GAMES first. Our projects aren’t tech demos to prove that blockchain is usable, but rather top-tier games that use blockchain as an underlying technology.

Questions Asked on Twitter For GALA GAMES Team

Q1 from @urlittlehoney1

I saw Gala is an agricultural simulation game. Why you choose agricultural as your genre? isn’t agriculture game is a boring game that only being played when players (mostly gamers) bored in the spare time?! And what’s your strategies for that?

Yes! I don’t like farming games either. This is the important thing though…we are an entire production company with multiple studios that will eventually work under us. Remember that Eric is the co-Founder of Zynga, and he has built a userbase in the past of MILLIONS of daily active users. Zynga has many different studios working under it to produce a lot of different games. This is going to be our strategy as well. So, if you don’t like farming games, like me, stick around and you will see Mirandus, an Epic Fantasy MMORPG that is going to be amazing. I don’t play farming games, but I WILL play that.

Q2 from @JLEspertLA

Gala is working on its own token. Can you explain how this improves the gaming experience within Gala?

GALA powers the entire ecosystem and ties everything together. In our perspective, everyone who has ever played most modern games has been a victim of a scam…they were asked to pay money for a game they never owned, to get items in the game they never owned, and often experienced the frustration of losing their account if they tried to sell a skin or something to someone else.

In the Gala Games ecosystem, you own your assets, and the Gala Games Network would continue whether we were around or not. In the long term, we want to develop assets and tools that will allow anyone to contribute to the Gala Games Ecosystem and help to steer its development.

For a LONG time, game development has been extremely disconnected from the gamers themselves. As gamers, we have always had to be content with what they give us, and nothing else. With Gala Games, we are working on changing this. The first step is giving gamers ownership of their in-game assets. This is something we have already done and are always expanding.

The second step will be to give those who own Gala Game Nodes actual decision making power in the game development process. This is something that is coming VERY soon, as node owners will be able to cast votes. This week, we are actually rolling out the first proposal submission form for proposals to be submitted to node owners. This will be a VERY important part of the development of Mirandus.

Q3 from @inaltswetrust

Blockchain and games is something fabulous, how beneficial do you consider this relationship in general and especially for GalaGames?

Gala Games is a revolution in the games industry. We are opening Pandora’s box. It is our goal to create a distributed network of players who own this gaming world. What does that mean to us?

Own Your Content — The tight control of assets and game accounts has stifled a lot of creative thinking. We aspire to blow the doors wide open and give players back the control they deserve. If you win a magical sword in a Gala Game, it is yours. It is a verifiable asset on the blockchain you can trade to another person or play with in-game. We do not have the power to take the sword away from you. We can’t stop another company from making a game where the sword is also in use. We want to encourage the possibilities in this space.

Own the Roadmap — We want players to not only own their in-game items, we want our Gala Games players to have a voice in our roadmap. We want to enlist them, via distributed voting mechanisms, to help determine what games we should be developing and funding. We are also VERY active in Discord ( and would love to hear your ideas.

In our perspective, everyone who has ever played most modern games has been a victim of a scam. They were asked to pay money for a game they never owned, to get items in the game they never owned, and often experienced the frustration of losing their account if they tried to sell a skin or something to someone else.

In the Gala Games ecosystem, you own your assets, and the Gala Games Network would continue whether we were around or not. In the long term, we want to develop assets and tools that will allow anyone to contribute to the Gala Games Ecosystem and help to steer its development.

Q4 from @Onganhakan91

Do independent developers have the freedom to create their own games using Gala Games? Or are all the games on the platform created by the Gala team?

We create games for the ecosystem, but we are also bringing in other game studios and integrating them as well. We see ourselves as curators, and we listen to the node owners about whether or not to bring a game into the ecosystem. Node owners have the ability to vote on a variety of measures from inside their Gala Games soft node software. Recently, we have been asking some questions about some games, and 98% of the node owners votes to bring a certain game onboard. If people are interested in adding their game, they should reach out to me and we can discuss bringing the proposal to the node owners.

Q5 from @Howardsilk100

What are the tasks that node operators must fulfill? How can users get a node? What benefits do Node operators receive within the Gala Games ecosystem?

Having a node is awesome! Firstly, it is the ONLY way to get NFTs dropped into the ecosystem. Each time we add a game, node owners get NFTs for that game for their support of the network. Right now, all a node owner needs to do is run their node and they will begin to see daily GALA, as well as the occasional NFT. You can get nodes at Check it out and if you have any questions, ask me!

Questions Asked by our GreatDrop Community Members during live Session to GALA GAMES Team

Q1 from @AyD80

What is Gala Games focused on for the next remaining days/weeks or months of 2020? Can you comment?

Within the next two weeks, we will be releasing crypto crafting! This will mean that you can combine bot parts to create CraneBots that can be used in-game. Each bot takes 1000 parts to build, and when you build that bot, it will remove the parts from your inventory, burn them, and mint a brand new NFT just for you.

There is also a VERY meaty bit of news about Mirandus coming soon. We are working on so many things right now, it is impossible to list them all.

Q2 from @sm552211

What is the GAP you are addressing in the market? What is the opportunity you are exploring? What is the problem you are trying to solve???

The way we look at it, if you have been playing normal games over the past years, you have been cheated. If you have spent money on skins in any number of awesome FPS games, you have been cheated. People want to own and trade things without having to ask the permission of the game company. Soon, players will DEMAND these things, and Gala Games is going to be lightyears ahead of everyone when it comes to providing for their demands.

We will be here to help onboard AAA game studios and help them integrate with the blockchain. It is historically inevitable, and I know that it is coming soon.

Q3 from @Bestque

While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Absolutely, the community is hugely important to us. If you join our Discord at, you will see that every day, developers are in the chat room, talking to people, listening to their ideas, and working to implement some of them. We love the community and want to see it grow, especially internationally. We are actively looking for ambassadors around the world, to spread the Gala Games message.

Q4 from @Sundorii

Many new projects made a good impression at first but were suddenly abandoned. My question is, how will you manage the project and token to gain a place in the market and become a best token in the blockchain world?

I was actually just on a call yesterday with a pretty big company and with Eric, and the other guy on the call asked this exact question. ” How do we know this is going to be something you stick within the long term.” All of us feel VERY passionately about this project and want to see it grow and succeed. Most blockchain projects are just an idea and they don’t go anywhere because of several reasons.

1.) They can’t get funding OR they did an ICO and now have regulatory issues
2.) They don’t have developers working on the project
3.) They don’t have anything to release yet, just an idea and a token.

We have answers to all of these.
1.) We are entirely self-funded at this point in time, and we have never had an ICO. We work with a very good legal team to make sure what we are doing is correct and in compliance with the law.

2.) We have a team of 14 working on this as their full-time jobs. Game devs, blockchain devs, designers, etc. Everyone is working together and making progress EVERY SINGLE DAY

3.) We developed TownStar and got it ready for release BEFORE we pushed any sort of real news out there. We are making sure that we put the PROOF first. We are building something real, and something amazing, and we see this as being something that grows for the next decades. This isn’t a quick thing, this is the long haul and we are going to be here for the whole thing.

Q5 from @BJosefina61

On other platforms, users are constantly clamoring for improvements without being heard. How does Gala deliver power to the players over the project and development within it?

Users clamor, that is what they do. :) The difference between us and other game platforms is that we listen. If someone wants to talk to us, it's pretty easy to reach out to the Discord and connect with us and the community. We want to see people take a more active role, and that is something we will continue to push for going forward.

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