AMA Recap GreatDrop with LABS

Hello GreatDrop community,

On 18th January 2021, at 12:00 PM UTC (19:00 WIB), we just successfully hosted our 20th AMA’s with LABS, World’s first end to end blockchain-powered real estate investment ecosystem.

With our guest from the LABS team:

  • Yuen Wong, CEO of LABS

Many of you might have participated or many of not, So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the AMA session.

Introduction Questions Asked By GreatDrop Team

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself and LABS to our community?

My name is Yuen, and I’m the founder and CEO of LABS Group.

My background has always been in blockchain and real estate, and that’s why I’m doing this great project with a great team!

Prior to launching LABS, I was Managing Partner for a UK property company and I’m still involved at times in Bitmart exchange as a partner.

And btw, before I forget, don’t forget to follow us on:

Since 2018, LABS has evolved from a conceptual idea to a Digital Real Estate Investment Ecosystem. Our business model is revolutionary and holistic.

It includes three layers with:

  • An issuance and a crowdfunding platform (built on Polkadot with their support)
  • An exchange for which we have obtained a digital security exchange license
  • Advisory and Management services

To strengthen the ecosystem, make it attractive and complete, we incorporated DeFi solutions with staking pools, Dex, and lending platforms powered by a strong token economy and G.A.I.N.S. model.

Q2. What kind of achievement LABS has made so far?

LABS team had been advising traditional projects on how to go on the blockchain.

Now, it has completed its Crowdfunding platform, built-in Boston of course, and has obtained the license to be the first-ever Digitised Real Estate exchange. Yes fully regulated.

To further enhance the ecosystem, LABS has even integrated Defi components to offer its investors the chances to leverage on their real estate investment.

All these are solid steps that took the team 2 years to arrive where we are today. Hence, LABS is here and ready to change the real estate world.

Q3. What kind of services does LABS offer to investors?

Well, LABS is a Digitised Real Estate Investment Ecosystem. So on one hand, we help property developers to digitize their property projects and offer them out to retail investors.

On the other side of it, with Digitalisation, we allow retail investors to be able to buy into the quality asset class at an amount, as low as 100usd. At the same time, we solve the Liquidity issue since we have a secondary exchange.
Yes, the LABS exchange is allowed to offer to retail investors.

More than just that, we also have integrated collateralized lending solutions, DeFi, to allow our investors to borrow and further leverage, so that they can build up a global portfolio of properties.

Q4. What is the leading utility of LABS token? and What is tokenomics of it?

LABS tokens are Ecosystem tokens of our special G.A.I.N.S. model :

G.A.I.N.S model:
Our token holders can vote on important matters of interest.
LABS token holders can get early access to real estate projects that the ecosystem introduces.
LABS token holders can get incentives should they decide to get involved in our projects on our ecosystem.
LABS token holders can nominate projects they wish to be launched on our platforms and be rewarded.
Staking (for rewards)
LABS token holders can stake the tokens to get rewards. LABS will use up to 80 percent of the profit generated by the LABS ecosystem to buy back LABS tokens from the open market in a quarterly manner and distribute them to the staking pool in accordance with the size and days staked in the pool.

By buying back from open markets with the ecosystem profits, the token price would be boosted and holders will be rewarded when the ecosystem gets even bigger traction.

You can get LABS tokens when we launch our public round which will be announced soon, targeting March.

While there no burning program we will have a yield farm to encourage early holders and not forgetting our staking pool.

Some extra question from our Host

I think I have one question about Nomination
its like Airdrop HOLDER or what? and if yes, what’s the Reward?

When our token holders, the day for example, let us know that there’s one good developer keen to tokenize its real estate project, and if we do work with them later, that holder will get rewarded in LABS tokens.

Q5. At the moment, what is LABS focusing on?

Well, we are in our private round fundraising. So do let us know if anyone is keen on this now, or maybe Greatdrop can help us form a syndicate pool here, to help everyone get private round pricing.


….it’s important to know that LABS is not new kids on the block. We have been perfecting both the team and business model continuously from 2018 until now we are confident that we have so the right ingredients to make it successful.

Besides this, we have partnerships formed, with property developers, listed companies that deal in property valuation, prominent DeFi projects, and even a top 20 crypto exchange.

LABS will have our Crowdfunding platform on blockchain ready for launch in a week or so. LABS will also be announcing our first regulated digitized real estate exchange either this month or latest the next, officially.

Then next, LABS will then announce our first batch of properties to be tokenized and launched.

Again, I have to say, watch this space as the more great news is coming and I guess I don’t have enough space for me to share enough on everything.

Questions asked by our GreatDrop community members during live Session to LABS Team

Q1 from @JesusFre1tes

Real estate investment is still very illiquid, requires significant capital commitments and involves long and inefficient transaction processes. How will LABS solve this to increase liquidity in real estate investments and motivate common users and LP to become part of its DeFi model?

Yes, indeed you got it right. Real estate investment is very illiquid.

Hence LABS is here with the Solutions. First, we digitize, slice, and factionalize the investment, so no matter where you are in the world, you can invest with just 100 USD as long as you have an internet connection and a digital wallet.

To solve the liquidity issues totally, v LABS has a Digitised Real estate exchange to offering quick trading.

Lastly, LABS has DeFi collateralized lending so that you can borrow against the tokens and get other digital assets.

Q2 from @Natasha099

What is business model of your project? How it works? and
Who are your potential customers and which markets are you targeting on?

LABS business model, being a Digitised Real Estate Investment Ecosystem, will have its revenue and incomes generated from advisory and management fees, listing fees, transactional fees, and success fees in fundraising.

And remember, a big part of all these combined incomes will go to the staked token holders. Hence token value will take care of itself as long as we do it right.

Q3 from @Spott

Is $LABS a global project?
Can local communities partake in $LABS?

Yes, LABS is a truly global project in which we have partners all over the world.

For example, we have property developers partners in New Zealand, China, Thailand, Middle East, Europe, and Canada. Our developers and tech partners are all over the world.

Yet, as mentioned, we target retail investors all over the world. Remember, with just 100 USD, an internet connection, and a digital wallet, you can start to build your global real estate portfolio.

We want financial inclusion and real estate for everyone.

Q4 from @priojan

What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of Your project in the near future?

Ok, let me copy and paste my answer here this time, don’t mind :)

LABS key highlights:

1. Real estate is the largest asset class (>228tn USD) and the way people invest in it can be disrupted.

Digitized Property on blockchain offered to global investors thru crowdfunding and digital exchange is the answer.

2. LABS ecosystem solves all real estate investment pain points:
… Illiquidity
… High barrier of entry
… High transactional and exit costs

Fractionalizing real estate investment
Global Crowdfunding utilizing digital currencies
Transactions and distributions on blockchain
Exchange offering and trading

3. LABS revolutionary and wholistic business model is an ecosystem comprising 3 different layers focusing solely on real estate:
…advisory and management
… Issuance and crowdfunding platform
… licensed digital security exchange

4. LABS augmented its ecosystem by incorporating DeFi solutions, including staking pool, Dex, and lending platform.

LABS crowdfunding platform is built on Polkadot with their support.

5. LABS has traction and project pipelines:
… Advisory and management deals done
… Issuance and crowdfunding platform fully ready
… Digital security exchange license obtained and in UX/UI testing and finalization stage.
… LABS already have projects officially agreed to be launched

6. LABS has great token design, economics, and usage, and address to both markets looking for short and long term rewards:

G.A.I.N.S model:
…Staking (for rewards)

7. LABS has strong international strategic partnerships in both blockchain and property sectors:

…Greater China
…Middle East

8. LABS has a strong team with knowledge, ability, credentials, and network in real estate, blockchain, finance, and legal to make this project works.

9. LABS is strategically located for this project:

Hong Kong is a property crazed and a place where most property groups are headquartered here.

It is hindered by a newly rich China where many investors look to invest in overseas properties to diversify their risks and returns.

10. The timing is perfect:
… Adoption of Cryptocurrencies (even by institutions)
… Advent of CBDC/DCEP (aka digital RMB) raised awareness and acceptance
… Covid further expedites the digital revolution as well as making property owners more willing to explore other ways

Q5 from @zetly11

what is your vision? why you adopt this kind of business?

LABS vision is to change the way people invest in real estate.

We want to be that game-changer, and ensure financial fair play to everyday people like you and me.

We don’t want to see the best asset class and its rewards only reserved to the privileged.

We want to encourage financial inclusion. With just an internet connection and a digital wallet, you can invest in global quality properties.

Q6 from @Corrie_Dorf

What is your next Exchange target?

LABS will be listed on a top 20 exchange on or before mid-April. Probably start with 2, and then another 2 in the following month.

Of coz, DEX is a must.

Q7 from @ivanov_A3

LABS has recently partnered with RioDeFi. What is next? Will you add partners with other projects? What kind of partner would you like to recruit?

LABS will be adding more partners. In fact as we speak, we have formed new partnerships including Centrifuge, and one top 10 lending platform DeFi service provider, one top 10 NFT project, and a property list with 1bn USD in property assets.

Again, follow us and you will get all the big news!

Q8 from @Hendrasico

Could you give me 2 or 3 key points to convince me and other angel investors invest in labs in long-term?

You asked for 3 but I will give you 7:D

Top 7:
1. Team (blockchain, real estate, finance legal) and network
2. Business model (project management advisory, crowdfunding, exchange, and DeFi)
3. Market size (huge)
4. Traction
5. Technical
6. Trend
7. License (first ever government-approved real estate digital securities)

Q9 from @priojan

Many Project talks only about their Strenghts, Can You talk about the weak point that You project is Currently Dealing With?

Ok, last question here.

Well, our seemingly weak point is, this kind of ecosystem and the ambition to change and disrupt the largest asset class, require a big capital.

Our exchange license already costs is a lot (but we are not raising to spend on the license). We are raising to expand the ecosystem fast and gain economies of scale.

Hence we need support from everyone. Yes, real estate for everyone and not just for the selected few, so that everyone can get the rewards from this top asset class.



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