AMA Recap GreatDrop with OHLAY

Greetings GreatDrop Community,

We back again with another wonderful AMA session, today we just hosted our 5th AMA’s with OHLAY on 05 November, at 12:00 PM UTC. With our guest from the OHLAY team:

  • Nicholas Bowker, Community Moderator

Many of you might have participated or many of not, So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the AMA session.

For this AMA session, we only have 2 segments (Introduction and Live Question) as the request from the OHLAY team.

Introduction Questions Asked By GreatDrop Team

Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about OHLAY to our community?

So I’m Nick I’m part of the OHLAY Token team. The OHLAY Token community consists mainly of investors and those in a lucky AMA group that received free OHLAY

Q2 : What kind of achievement OHLAY has made so far?

So our crowd sale contract has sold over 10 ETH worth of OHLAY (800,000 OHLAY).

Also, our telegram group has over 1,000 members

Some Extra question from our Host

That mean OHLAY launching the Presale, could you please tell us all how to participate in the sale?
If the sale is end, is there any next sale to get some OHLAY Tokens?

absolutely this is our pinned posted in our telegram group: Presale info contract: 0x764973a1dbb8a7fe82aa42db606c8ea86b0bc48c
use fast gas.

It is a crowd sale contract, which means you will send ETH to our smart contract address, which has been audited, and you will receive the proportionate amount of OHLAY in return.

OHLAY Contract Address : 0x08cae08246e9e47ab20db3d87375094b1ef3a533

After the presale ends we are going to make sure the supply gets in the hands of the community somehow.

Q3 : Which countries are the main markets that OHLAY is focusing now for high level marketing?

Okay yeah sure so OHLAY is originally an American action sports community.

But we believe Europe to have a more advanced community when it comes to cryptocurrency.

So we are focusing more on our marketing efforts in Europe.

Q4 : What is the role of OHLAY token to your ecosystem?

It represents community members who won't dump on each other, OHLAY is all about supporting your brother.

We may have some surprises for the OHLAY Token coming up but that's all I’ll say for now.

Q5 : What are your plans & goals now? Could you share any news or info about the upcoming updates with us?

Yeah so we have something planned when they announce the winner of the American Election (we expect Biden)

Currently, we are just planning to support the ecosystem and slowly keep adding liquidity to the OHLAY pair on uniswap. Thanks.

Questions Asked by our GreatDrop Community Members during live Session to OHLAY Team

Q1 from @asalas95

You have commented that OHLAY comes from the Spanish word “Olé”. My question is about this country: What opinions does OHLAY have about the Spanish and Latin American markets? Do you think that your project concept will be successful in these regions?

I like this question. Jared came up with the name as it is his company. Like I said first we are focusing our efforts more on Europe. But hopefully, the expansion comes shortly.

Q2 from @jessekerluke

Can members of the OHLAY ecosystem get OHLAY tokens participating in the OHLAY programs? What does your member incentive system include?

Good question, we are going to roll all of that out slowly, right now we are still in launch mode.

Q3 from @Madsa12

What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market? In contrast, what is your weakness? How do you plan to overcome it?

I think the advantage we have is that we own a lot of the supply so we can protect the ecosystem. A weakness could be token functionality which like I said we are open to developing.

Q4 from @bednarkellie

Can you share your experience and journey with the OHLAY project? What is the biggest achievement you are most proud of?

Working with the community has been a lot of fun, thanks for this question.

Q5 from @nkuhn

At this point, do you think you need exchanges as a binance to keep growing? Or is it better to forget those things and focus on other activities? Marketing of OHLAY As we know that every project in crypto needs Adoption for growth So, what are the Future plans of OHLAY For Mass Adoption?

Centralized exchanges are what we are all used to. Its decentralized exchanges are new and cutting edge.

Here are some important links of OHLAY:

Telegram Group:

Indonesian crypto community that focused on providing the latest information about cryptocurrency in the form of Airdrop, Bounty, AMA, and so on.