Hello GreatDrop community,

We recently hosted our 21st AMA with SEASCAPE NETWORK on 22nd January 2021, at 02:00 PM UTC (21:00WIB), with our guest from the SEASCAPE NETWORK team:

  • David, SEASCAPE Founder

Many of you might have participated or many of not, So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the AMA session.

Introduction Questions Asked By GreatDrop Team

Could you give an introduction of yourself And how you can play an important role in Seascape Network?


Definitely! Hey everyone, I’m David, founder and creative director of the Seascape Network. I’ve been a game developer for the last decade working in studios such as Paradox Interactive, mainly working on historical strategy games.

I started getting involved in blockchain in 2016, first as an investor and later as the creator of BLOCKLORDS, which was the first blockchain strategy game. Since then, we’ve received funding and grants from many major blockchain institutions and protocols, and we are ready to take the next step on our journey by developing the Seascape Network, a game platform designed around the Defi and NFT economies!


Greetings all, I’m Nicky. Passionate about games and stepped into the Gaming industry in 2014. Experience at established Chinese game studios such as Yoozoo, Forgame, and Moonton. Worked as a project manager of <League of Angels>, which won the ‘BEST FACEBOOK GAME’ in 2014. It was a huge success and led to very good market performance. Also worked as a designer and operation team leader on <Liberators>, a WW2 strategy game that also won the ‘BEST FACEBOOK GAME’ in 2016.

Currently leading the development of BLOCKLORDS, an innovative medieval grand strategy blockchain game. And also Co-founder and COO of Seascape Network. Personally, I got into crypto because of CryptoKitties. Its success also gives me inspiration about combining the games with blockchain technology, allowing “play and earn” to become the next wave in the industry.

Q1: What is Seascape? And how is the story behind the Seascape Network Creation?


Seascape Network is a game platform designed around the Defi and NFT economies!

As I and my team were working on BLOCKLORDS, which is a very ambitious blockchain strategy game, we started noticing a lot of problems with most protocols and the SDKs they provided to game developers, which made the development of successful and scalable Dapps almost impossible for small teams.

As we improved our project management processes and workflow, as well as with our increased experience in smart contracts, we decided we could develop a platform ourselves and offer the tools to other game devs to access the world of blockchain.

This, along with our excitement about DeFi and the added liquidity it provides to small projects, made us take the leap and go from developing one game to a whole platform instead!

Q2: What is so exciting about Seascape Network, which might make Seascape Network different from all other projects out there?


Having worked with most top 20 chains out on the market, we can say with confidence that most developer tools for blockchains are painfully inadequate. There is a huge learning curve for any given smart contract protocol, and the developer tools and environments are incredibly hard to set up. This is the main reason why ethereum is so popular because other chains are basically impossible to work with.

With Seascape, we plan to change all of that. By releasing a clear and well-documented set of SDKs, we plan to make game developers be able to tokenize their projects in a much clearer and easier way than anything that is currently available. Our past experience releasing games on multiple chains makes us experts in this matter.

Q3: Please provide some information about your Roadmap, How Seascape Network is progressing so far? And what Seascape Network is currently focused on?


So far we have done the following: Released BLOCKLORDS on over half a dozen chains and l2 solutions. We have also done a lot of experimentation with developing DeFi protocols on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and the Polkadot/substrate ecosystem. We have also forged partnerships with game developers all around the world who will continue releasing products on our platform.

This is just the first step of our long plan to revolutionize the field of DeFi gaming. I can’t wait to share more details along the journey but for now, there are still a lot of plans we have to keep confidential!

Q4: Please tell us more about $CWS (Crowns) token! What utilities does the token have, and what benefits will tokens holders get?


Crowns are the official token of the Seascape Network. We’ve actually written a number of articles discussing these in detail, but succinctly:

  • Buy Games and Services on the Scape Store

You can check these out for more details.

Token Economics

Q5: What are some achievements that Seascape Network has achieved so far? And what are Seascape Network’s upcoming plans, Especially in 2021?


As an established team of game devs, we have released BLOCKLORDS, which was the first blockchain strategy game, on blockchains such as Ethereum, Tron, NEO, Icon, and layer 2 solutions such as Matic and Loom. This has received a lot of attention from users and institutions across space as well, which has allowed us to partner with companies such as Chainlink, MakerDAO, Binance, and many more!

This led to Seascape receiving investments from some of the most respected investors in the space (including Binance) and was what kickstarted the Seascape Ecosystem.

We have now completed the development of our DeFi game which will be released soon after launch. And This is only the beginning. Stay tuned for more!

As 2021 progresses, we are going to unlock a lot of innovation in the Gamified DeFi space!

Questions asked on Twitter for SEASCAPE NETWORK team

Q1 from @y1sus_afp

Seascape Network has announced its first Strong Holder offer. With this new protocol, what will be the benefits for holders of the Cronws tokens? What is the fundamental role that DAO MAker will play in all this? Can you tell us more about it?


We are thrilled to announce that the Seascape Network Research page on DAO Maker is now LIVE!

Seascape SHO Guidelines are now published, Read the full article here:


DAO Maker has shown over and over again that they are experts at building excitement for new projects. They have been a great advisor during the early stage of our network and we look forward to continuing working deeply with them in the coming months and years 🙂

Q2 from @TonyPha28004004

Will there be a public offering for Seascape? How to get tokens in the fastest way in the early bird? What are incentives of $Seascape Token brings to community and investors?


As mentioned above, DAO Maker will host an SHO on their platform. This will be the first chance for the public to get their hands on the token. Following that, the TGE will take place on decentralized exchanges and we have a lot of announcements regarding listings that will follow closely 🙂 please join our community to stay updated on that front!

Q3 from @RahulJayaraj9

As an investor what are the benefits that I can get from long term investment on Seascape? Can you list some of the benefits?


We will do everything we can to keep CWS holders incentivized and engaged with our platform. the PayWave will offer a passive income to all holders, and a constant stream of games will come out that will incentivize those who hold plenty of them even more, so active users who interact with our games will earn the most. By creating an intricate balance between our token price and available NFTs, simply holding Crowns will be an opportunity in itself as they will always be used to create new NFTs.

Here I can provide some extra info about PayWave:

PayWave was never about increasing the supply of the token, like projects such as Ampleforth. For us, it was about redistributing the profits of our games to the players. Because of this, we have decided to rebrand the rebasing mechanic of Crowns to the “PayWave” the PayWave will be a weekly occasion where the users who hold Crowns will all receive a share of the game’s profits. This will help drive both engagement and usage of the coins, as well as encourage users to hold the token.

The PayWave is unique in nature because it is the first token mechanic that truly makes the holders owners of the gaming platform they are using. Because so few tokenized game projects actually have games on their platforms, they also have no sinks that will take away tokens from the supply. The first PayWave will not be triggered until a significant portion of the supply has been spent in-game as well, so it will serve as sync for extra tokens in the early days of the token’s launch.

Questions asked by our GreatDrop community members during live Session to SEASCAPE NETWORK team

Q1 from @Vario08

How does Seascape see BTC?
As a competitor?


BTC is the gold standard of the blockchain and the reason we are even in this group today. Of course, we could never compete, and don’t want to compete with such a legendary currency. We consider Bitcoin to be the asset that holds everything together, and will add to this economy in any way we feel is best. While Ethereum probably will catch up a bit in terms of valuation (which is a big reason we are building on Eth first), we also are very open to experimenting with ways of incorporating BTC within the Seascape ecosystem in any way, shape, or form.

Q2 from @prayogataufik

Can you briefly describe what is SEASCAPE Games in 3–5 sentences? And what is your Mission and Vision?


Players can look forward to LP mining, NFT Minting, NFT Staking, IN-game CDPs, in-game recharge. We will have more in-depth write-ups on how these work in the coming weeks.
In a nutshell, users can participate in Game

#1 Profit Circus by deposit Uniswap CWS-ETH LP tokens to consistently earn CWS rewards, and participating users can also earn a Seascape NFT bonus.
#2 NFT Brawl, players can spend CWS to mint random quality Seascape NFTs. In the leaderboard, players can compete for more CWS bonuses.
All the Seascape NFTs can be used in Game
#3 Staking Saloon to stake and mining CWS with an attractive APY. However, there is always a consequence to gain huge rewards, staked NFTs will be burned when players claim the CWS rewards.

In other games, we will also implement CWS as an in-game recharge method and make it become the economic core of the gameplay.

There are a lot of gamified DeFi features that we plan to launch, as it will be the core feature of our entire Seascape Network.

Q3 from @Calebkure

Are there any hidden gems about your project you have not talked about till now that you believe make you better than other projects similar to yours that would make me what to invest in your project?


Our upcoming slew of DeFi games that will be released shortly after launch is still somewhat under the radar and will blow people's minds once they start experimenting with the variety of gaming mechanics we are bringing to DeFi. They will also offer tons of reward opportunities for our users. Strongly suggest you follow our channels to play them as soon as they launch. It will be worth your time!

Q4 from @zetly11

In your opinion, where is the greatest value of SEASCAPE? Who are SEASCAPE‘s partners now and in the future?


Our team has been developing blockchain games for the last 3 years and has partnered with many excellent companies such as Chainlink, Binance, Neo, MakerDAO, and many more! Our track record speaks for itself, and with our smart contracts having been audited by some of the top auditors in the field, we feel we have done a lot to earn the trust of our players, and the crypto community in general!

By taking some of the core concepts of DeFi and turning them into easy-to-access mini-games, we are aiming to lower the bar of complexity that is linked with most DeFi system. In this way we want to achieve two things: 1. to make DeFi mechanics more fun and exciting to existing blockchain users. 2. To draw in a new crowd who isn’t familiar with blockchain tech but maybe used to more traditional mobile or casino games and who wants to earn real rewards with their time spent playing.

Once you unlock the potential to earn while you play, it will draw in a lot of new users who will help spread crypto adoption to previously unimagined heights!

Q5 from @sentung5

if we talk about DEFI boom … it is about features … so what features does Seascape have that are going to boom?


Basically what we are doing is taking the core ideas of DeFi (added liquidity, APY Earning, Asset burning, Flash Loans, etc) and turning those into proper systems in games. This is revolutionary and going to have a lot of impact in all aspects of both decentralized and centralized finance.

Q6 from @JesusFre1tes

Seascape plans to use the latest NFT standard for substrate-based cross-chaining. How will your NFT’s optimize the use, trading, and gamified DeFi features? Some projects facilitate activities such as mining through their NFT, do you plan to add these types of functions to your NFT?


In the game called NFT BRAWL, users have the option to spend Crowns to get an NFT of random quality. In this game, any player can choose to spend any amount they wish to mint NFTs. These Crowns will be locked up in the community pool to be later redistributed to holders via our Paywave system. This is one of the many options users will have to spend Crowns on the Seascape platform. But how or when Crowns are spent is entirely up to the user.

The NFT staking game, which is named STAKING SALOON, works in a similar fashion. A user can stake an NFT and start earning Crowns. The APY will be significant in size. But the catch here is that to claim the Crowns, the NFT will be burnt. Meaning that the user will have to make a decision: “Do I claim now and lose my NFTs to get the reward?” or “Do I wait until the end of the event to get the maximum amount of rewards?” This will make users think twice before claiming their rewards, which is what we wanted.

But of course, this is only possible if you have staked your NFT inside the game. And outside of the games, you are free to own as many Crowns or NFTs as you wish without the risk of them being burned! Hope that makes it clear.

Q7 from @Trizmalli

What can I offer for staking and minimum staking for your token?


There will be no minimum for our liquidity mining games. Anybody can deposit any amount of LP tokens and start earning. A few of the other games may have some minimum amounts but they will still be quite low overall!

Closing words from our guest to GreatDrop Community

Really happy to be here and share our story today. Many exciting things happening.

Binance announced investment

And DaoMaker SHO is about to begin



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