AMA Recap GreatDrop with UNITED

9 min readDec 7, 2020

Hello GreatDrop community,

We recently hosted our 17th AMA with UNITED on 7th December, at 12:00 PM UTC (19:00 WIB), with our guest from UNITED team:

  • Kent Kruusmaa, CMO of UNITED

Many of you might have participated or many of not, So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the AMA session.

Introduction Questions Asked By GreatDrop Team

Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and UNITED to our community?

Hi, I am Kent Kruusmaa, The CMO of United Token.
United is a cryptocurrency that is partially backed with real estate. United token holders can lend their tokens to UNITED real estate fund and earn monthly ETH payouts from the properties while keeping the coins. Coins are always free to use and trade.

Besides making United safer for the general user via real estate fund, we are focused to make tokens usable as a payment method and we have already today 79 apartments that can be bought 100% with UTED cryptocurrency payment.

Q2: Can you give an overview of the UTED tokenomics?

We have 1 billion UTED in total
We have 500 million will be locked into Smart contract for next 3 years.
(300million goes to the owners circle and 200 million to the United Real estate fund).

The rest 500 million is meant for the public. More than 10% of that is already distributed in presale and the rest is coming slowly in the market via affiliates and resellers.

The united token whitepaper is available on:

In case you still don’t have it then:

are the places where you can trade with it.

This seems to be also one step that we will take ahead pretty soon. it would add a lot of transparency to the project. The final decision is not made yet, since starting with low liquidity don’t create trust, and money focus is at the moment on the real estate fund that we plan to open soon.

Q3: What kind of services does UNITED offer to investors?

  1. United Real estate fund- Place where people can lend their cryptocurrency and make profits from the real estate market while the United token value grows. Launch in January.
  2. United Property Market- Place where anyone can sell or rent their apartment, house, forest, or land. Launch on February
  3. United Debit card- Crypto card that allows you to use United, BTC, ETH, etc worldwide. The card is mainly directed to the Asian market and will be available in the second half of 2021.
  4. United Coin safe- Smart contract that gives out staking rewards. 6–36 month period for 10–150% extra UTED. Launch in this Wednesday.
  5. Currently- we sell 79 apartments in Pattaya 100% United crypto payments. Great wallets for transactions and make profits in the trading market.

Q4: At the moment, what is UNITED focusing on?

We focus on Opening the Real estate fund and creating bigger deals with Real estate developers for bigger usage of UNITED tokens.
We planned to open the fund already by this December, but due to the pandemic and lockdowns in Europe, it is slightly delayed. Nevertheless, in the next 6 weeks, we will have already the first people using it and we can go to the next gear!

Around the same time, we are also opening the real estate platform where people can list their own real estate to buy, sell, or rent against BTC, ETH, UTED, or something else. This is again something very important for the community since creates a lot of extra demand for United Token.

Some extra question from our Host

How do we get the CARD?

You can preorder already now. The first test group will get the cards at beginning of the next summer.

Cards are meant for Asia, we send it out to any country where needed.

Q5: What kind of achievement UNITED has made so far and what target UNITED want to achieve in the next year?

Being only 9 weeks in the public market, we have almost doubled in price, got listed in coinmarketcap, and 2 great exchanges.
We just released our new website in several languages to capture a wider audience, We have given out a second version of the wallets that can be used with multiple cryptocurrencies, We are close to getting ready 2 more platforms that will change the crypto more useful for the whole crypto community. The moment we open up the real estate fund can be one of the happiest days for our current investors and it will happen soon.

Questions asked on Twitter for UNITED team

Q1 from @Luckyluck041

STAKING is very popular topic recently. Please tell us in detail about the $UTED Staking plan and the benefits of adding staking?

Great Question!
We are opening our staking program this Wednesday!
It is Called Coin Safe and it works on ETH smart contract.

People Can stake their coins for:
- 6 months and receive 10% extra coins,
- 18 months and receive 50% extra coins,
- 36 months and receive 150% extra coins.

More info in the Blog after 2 days.

Q2 from @QuyenCao11

UTED is works on Ethereum Network. it has a slow speed and high gas fee? Do you have any plans to launch your mainet or convert to other blockchains in the future?

Great question.
This is a problem what most of the crypto community don´t want to discuss and we have thought about it a lot!
When we look at today, then ETH fills all our needs for the purpose. Either it is trading, staking, making transactions, or buying Real Estate.

In the next 3 years, we will have an issue with speed and fee, when we reach the mass market usage and because of that, we are planning to make a swap to another chain by the time it happens.

Q3 from @HendriA11938225

How will the demand for UNITED token tokens increase in the future or What steps will you take to increase the demand? May I know how you plan to attract more business partnerships to your project?

We back up our promises and keep releasing great products!
All the things that we have promised so far have been released exactly as promised.
Working in this way gives our community a great user experience and profits, which will make people talk, which eventually leads to great business partnerships.
In the next few months, we release several real estate-related products that will create a lot of value for the companies in the property sector.

Q4 from @QuyenCao11

I want to learn more about UNITED but very little information, the community is relatively empty and little information is shared. What strategy does the UNITED team have to develop the community and retain users for the long term?

Great that you brought it up.

There are many crypto projects who have 20k followers on social media, but posts get 20 likes, which means that the community is fake and just for show.
We didn't see any value in creating groups with similar structures and decided to build up the real community.
Today we are a small project with a small community, but our community is real people!

All info is shared via AMA sessions what happens now 3x per week with different communities, our telegram group is open and the Blog available at

For important subjects.

Q5 from @Luckyluck041

What are the ways that UTED generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model? How can it make benefit win-win to both investor and your project?

Incredible question!

We are creating a UNITED real estate fund that will be open in the next 6 weeks. People who own the united tokens can lend their UNITED into the Real estate fund and get the same money that they would get when owning the apartment themselves. At the same time also the value of united keeps growing due to the increase of the community size and usage.

Real estate fund is always covering also the necessary running cost of the company and as it is a very safe way to secure the future of the company. There Are of course many other ways how we create revenue streams via affiliate sales, the advertisement area on the real estate platform, debit card fees, swap system what will be in the wallet soon, etc.

Questions asked by our GreatDrop community members during live Session to UNITED team

Q1 from @daiya01vishnu

Many investors hit and run in the sell and sell session after listing on the first exchange, How did Your project prevent early investors from selling their tokens and what benefits you would give them?

Great question! A lot of truth here.
Most of the crypto projects are built without a long-term plan, where coming to the market is the end game. In our case, today is just a beginning.
We didn’t make any promises about what we cannot keep. We just have a great plan and we follow the roadmap that we have made public. Our community sees that.

Q2 from @sirjeetu

How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries/regions where English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for them to let them better understand about your project?

Beautiful question.

We made our whitepaper, webpage, and intro videos available in many different languages. Also, Our UNITED wallet has 9 different languages, Including even Tamil and Hindi, Spanish, etc.

We spread also awareness through Social media to different markets. We have a telegram group that is in Vietnamese, Facebook, and Instagram in Russian and Spanish, etc.

We make more AMA sessions also to different Asian Communities and give out more languages for spreading the info as wide as we can.

Q3 from @orpa99

“Token burn” is beneficial for any project, in being able to control the number of token circulation and to provide greater incentives to investors. Does your great project have a plan about token burn?

Great question.

Token Burning is usually taken in use if the project is not able to create enough value for the nr of tokens, to satisfy the community.
Our Plan A is NOT to burn the tokens to create a better price, but to create bigger value for the tokens through the Usability of the token and the added value will create a higher price.

We have 500.000.000 UTED what will reach the circulation.
If our community is 1.000.000 people, then each can equally own only 500 UTED, if the community is 10.000.000, then each could equally own only 50 UTED. This means that the price would be possible in thousands if to compare with ETH or BTC community numbers.

Q4 from @four_five

At this point, do you think you need exchanges as a Binance to keep growing? Or is it better to forget those things and focus on other activities?

Great question.
We choose to focus first on creating a great product and delivering our promises. Binance seems to be slightly over budget today, but we are looking at several huge exchanges where to get listed next.
When we deliver on the product, the big exchanges are just a matter of time.

Q5 from @Prettyboy7

Can anonymous transactions be performed on the UNITED network to hide transaction details to help protect the confidentiality of user information and tokens?

Great Question.
We are using ERC20 Ethereum network as today and it is not anonymous.
We are also not trying to decentralize the power or take down the banks.
Our goal is to create a product that adds value to the users. The Crypto community can benefit from the real estate market and vice versa.
Creating a bridge between real estate and crypto will create many opportunities for the whole crypto community, will increase usability, and increase the prices as well.




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